Chair Massage

Chair Massage in San Diego

I provide attentive chair massage at corporate events, business gatherings, charity events, as well as nursing homes and private events in San Diego. If you are looking for improved physical, mental, and emotional wellness in your office — chair massage can make that a reality. I welcome you to create a¬†healthier work environment with chair massage or weekly chair massage!

Benefits of ongoing chair massage in the workplace include:

Reduced muscle tension
Improved blood flow and circulation
Increased energy, alertness and productivity
Decreased anxiety
Improved mental acuity
Immediate and cumulative results
Decreased absenteeism due to stress related illnesses


Chair Massage Rates

When paid individually by employee or guest:

15 min: $23
20 min: $30
30 min: $45

$90.00 per hour, per practitioner when paid per hour by Company or Host

2 hour minimum required to come On-Site

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